Sex Offender: Program Handouts

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Sex Offender: Program Handouts

“An inmate shared this disturbing handout (which I am told is the tip of the iceberg) and has asked that it be shared. The inmate is disturbed with the program he is forced to undertake which is why he wants to share it. It is an inappropriate program for those found guilty of a sex offence, even if guilty. 


It shows questions and techniques as if to put the idea in an inmate's head, that he is suffering from something he may not even  be suffering from, or introduce things he does not even do. It mentions the "Switch Technique", which I have never heard of, and have found no research on yet. If there is no research on  the Switch Technique, then who named it and developed it?


I have found other studies however, that do a critical analysis of various types of programs which discuss whether or not a technique is appropriate or not, to help inmates. Studies discuss and question as to whether they are actually helping an inmate or not and if they should even be implemented at all. 


This hand out however, appears to be very haphazard. In addition, inmates who have few friends and no family visiting, (sometimes as the result of the charges) are bullied in the programs and they have no choice, but to comply. 


If an inmate is wrongfully convicted, he is within his rights to refuse filling out these forms, even if it jeopardizes chance of his parole. If an inmate is guilty, a method proven to help move him on a path of integrity is needed, not a path of humiliation".


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