Citizens Against Child Exploitation

posted by Brian Judge on Feb 21, 2011 in Prison TV Blog | 1 comments
Citizens Against Child Exploitation

Monica Rainey and her group Citizens Against Child Exploitation helped bring legislation that makes treatment of sex offenders mandatory; sex offenders now commonly face extended periods of judicial (probation) monitoring thanks to the efforts of groups like Monica’s. I remember that day we talked at Bath Institution (1994) she mentioned the seething hate still held for the molester that impacted her life.  Curiously, I pointed out that the very same offender could be seen walking across the prison compound located meters behind her. She was stunned and wondered why he wasn't in protective custody. I explained that the Bath Institution, like most prisons by 1995, had fully integrated protective custody inmates into the regular prison population.


In the 20 years since the implementation of that program, sex offenders, child molesters and rapists walk the prison yards in all but the most maximum security prisons unharmed. They are often educated, socially adjusted, outstanding community leaders; social workers, camp counselors, church ministers, you name it. Today they’re voted on to the inmate committee, they get canteen, library and school jobs.  


The reason the hard core convicts don’t rise up and exact vengeance on these soft, predators is because of the absolute zero tolerance from prison officials for anyone verbally or physically bothering a sex offender. Prison administration has at all cost, tried to end the convict code of yesteryear. They will simply ship an “aggressor” to higher level security. I’ve found it easier to do my time by simply not socializing with anyone least I bump into one of these incompatibles in the gym, library, canteen lineup and they pimp the prison administration with false clams of aggression from me. Most of us would rather go straight than have to serve another day double bunked or under the thumb of an incompatible. 



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1 Response to "Citizens Against Child Exploitation"

  1. Angela

    Rick, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Just two years ago I went into one of the local insittutions here in BC to visit someone I knew and was confronted with a high profile sex offender who was chairman of the inmate committee and in charge of a Christmas function. I was kind of shocked seeing him walking around so calmly, since I had just read about him in a law course I had taken on prolific sex offenders in British Columbia.