Part two: Squamish 5 and Litton Bombing

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Part two: Squamish 5 and Litton Bombing

Rosie Rowbotham asks convicted bomber Brent Taylor about his role in the Litton episode that sent him to prison for years. As I watched his response I thought how easily I could have been labeled a revolutionary, a bomber.


Double agent Warren Hart, a former captain of the Baltimore Black Panther Party, taught an intensive course in improvised bomb making to me and my friends. And like Brent Taylor, I shared a revolutionary ideology. He worried about the military industrial complex, the war machine where accidents such as the Bhopal gas leak and Chernobyl are common place. He was ready and willing to create change by any means necessary.


Similarly, my political ideology at the time of being wooed into Black Panthers in Toronto via Warren Hart was to bring to the world a conscious reality of the racial inequality that existed in North America. And I was ready and willing by any means necessary to create change in the status quo. If that meant blowing up a building, a police car, or hijacking a plane to bring to light the reality of racial inequality, so be it. Other like minded organizations were forcing change; the White Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Army and the FLQ all used bombs to frighten the citizens and to make the case against the duplicity and underhandedness of the politics of the day.


Rosie questions Brent about using “other available means” of communication, rather than bombs, to get a point across, and Brent agrees. He concurs that after years of introspective incarceration, he would do things differently than in his early life journey. Me, too; after years of incarceration I realize I could have done things differently. 


I was convicted of robbing a bakery to feed the Black Panther defense fund and I used Warren Hart’s gun. This is the very same weapon that the Canadian government allowed him to have in his role as agent provocateur. My point is, that had my mentor and bomb instructor given me a bomb instead of the use of his gun, at the time, given the mental state I was in, I may have been a convicted bomber too, just like Brent Taylor.  


Today seeing the world wide turmoil, I know from personal experience, that revolutionaries are induced, coerced, bought and manipulated all with the goal to strike out and to create change – and sometimes by any means necessary. People will fall victim to agent provocateurs like Warren Hart; others will commit to blowing up a building and risk prison, injury or death like Brent Taylor.


My bottom line: after decades of choosing crime and violence to meet my goals I’ve come to believe that Gandhi and Martin Luther King got it right. Change comes through intense dialogue not guns and bombs. I am only a small voice trying to roar like a lion and be heard . . . I often wonder if anyone out there is listening.  


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