Youth & Crime Prevention

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Youth & Crime Prevention

1994 video of me hosting the popular prison television "Contact" show from Kingston, Ontario. Like most teenagers I resisted any of the advice that adults gave me. Advice that could have led me away from a 40 year foray into crime and prison. Back in the day I believed most adults just couldn’t understand me. I thought they were from a generation that just didn't understand, weren't cool enough. Mostly though, I didn't trust adults because they represented authority.

Lifer Greg McMaster makes a poignant comment to our teenage guests that went something like: "Just take a minute to look at the adults trying to give you advice as being teenagers much like yourself  - - because they were at one time. Soon you will begin to understand where they are coming from”.


McMaster is right. I’m now the adult I feared when I was a kid and resistant to the words of wisdom coming from community leaders, coaches, teachers and even my parents. Today when I speak to kids about prison and crime I try to let them see that at one time I was them. I tell them that I was once like them . . . forced to listen to a stranger coming into the prison in an attempt to teach some valuable lesson . . . and I didn't listen. I resisted. I thought I knew it all. It cost me 30 years of being locked up.


My advice to adults mentoring teens is to show them who you once were. Grow together with each sentence until you become the adult that they too, will become one day.


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