Capital Punishment?

posted by Brian Judge on May 15, 2012 in Prison TV Blog | 0 comments
Capital Punishment?

By Ricky Atkinson:  Michael Rafferty, convicted of first-degree murder, sexual assault and kidnapping in the slaying of an eight-year-old Woodstock, Ontario girl, will not be torn apart by a mob on convicts bent on prison justice. He is more likely to get killed owing someone a bag of chips, chocolate bar and pop than anything else.


Nice to see a frenzied mob crying out for murderous justice. It reminds me of days gone by when black people were hung from trees for having the audacity of looking a white woman in the eye; and going further back, when free spirited women were burnt at the stake for being witches. We know from experience that where there is the death penalty there is greater violence and more crime.


The death penalty does not have its desired effect in stopping murder but it does appease an uneducated mob of ill informed fanatics. This ‘hump and dumper’ as he will be called when he gets down below will not be torn apart by a mob on convicts bent on prison justice. He is more likely to get killed owing someone a unit (bag of chips, chocolate bar and pop) then anything else. He will get smacked out for staring too long at someone, or disrespecting another by butting in line or not apologizing when bumping into someone. But getting murdered?


Not likely in any jail in Canada because most jails are filled with guys just like him and integrated with the general population in such a way that to step out and kill him risking your own freedom especially when the prison administration will punish harshly anyone who even voices a dislike to anyone else because of their beef.


I spent a decade in Millhaven Institution and, as chairman of its inmate committee, sitting at the top of the prison hierarchy, I saw many guys murdered for a variety of reasons. It is without a doubt a place where a hound like Michael Rafferty could get killed but realistically not likely that this idiot will ever get there. His notoriety will send him to a protective custody joint either in Quebec or BC.


Stop crying out for a law (capital punishment) that was repealed due to the educated, long assessed and fought over decision of law maker’s years ago. Cry out for the death penalty long enough and you may find yourself swinging from a tree, taking your last look and breath at a frenzied mob because of some social mishap or going back only a few years,  because of the colour of your skin. Violence has never ceased violence. Let him rot his life away in a small cell is the worst punishment one can give one day he will wake up and wish he were dead to end that misery.


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