Such Is Life

posted by Brian Judge on Jun 25, 2012 in Prison TV Blog | 0 comments
Such Is Life

By Ricky Atkinson:  What I have come to realize is that there is always a reciprocal reaction to crime both from the victims and family of the criminal. Suffering goes around and comes around, there is never a winner. The murdered son, father or daughter is met by the loss of the son, father and daughter who rots away in prison. Who suffers more?


“At least you can get to hug your son” the mother of someone killed cries out to the mother of the son in prison, and the prisoner’s mother says, "I feel your pain woman".


And so, we all, each to the other, cause pain and suffering and such is life. The goal of each of us should be to end pain and suffering for others and for ourselves. There is a way and it’s called total awakening within our selves to the needs of the whole universe, which each and every one of us is connected to.



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