Squamish 5 and the Litton bombing

posted by Brian Judge on Feb 05, 2011 in Prison TV Blog | 1 comments
Squamish 5 and the Litton bombing

In 1995 Prison TV's Robert “Rosie” Rowbotham interviewed political activist and former prisoner Brent Taylor who, along with Ann Hansen, Julie Belmas and Doug Stewart filled a van with 500 pounds of dynamite and drove cross-country in 1982 to target Litton Systems in Toronto. The van was parked in full view of corporate security, and an elaborate "warning box" was duct-taped to the hood, displaying a message, a digital clock counting down, and a single stick of dynamite to show it was no joke. Belmas called the security desk and warned them of the explosion, giving instructions on exactly what to do and where the danger area was. But security did not respond the way they expected. The evacuation was just getting started when the bomb exploded minutes ahead of schedule. Seven people were injured in the incident.  (Part 1)


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  1. Sam

    Hey, thanks for putting together a great site with excellent archival videos. Is part two of this interview available somewhere?