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By Ricky Atkinson:  I got my Eastern woodland Métis card in the mail today. Mixed emotions ... I was raised black by a black father, who never spoke of his native relatives, more importantly he never spoke of his relatives, period.
What I know about his family’s history was by the gossip spoken by those whose ears were clogged with misperceptions.


I know more about my white mother's family and she didn't know much about her father or mother's history, not where they were originally from, (Russia) not who they were related to nor about their friends beyond a small social circle. I have put many years to the study of history, more specifically the study of Black and Native America that I know what having a Native I.D. card to certify me in the eyes of the government means.


Often we are attracted to the study of things that lead down roads we wonder why we are travelling upon, only to find out it wasn't a wasted trip after all. I am who I am, related throughout 14 billion years of history to every living man woman and child, related, to the earth, the water the air, related to the vibration of sound, light of distant stars and hum of the universe. I am all that and more; related to each and every one of you. I am found and smile at the thought.


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