Charity in Prison

posted by Brian Judge on Jan 23, 2013 in Prison TV Blog | 0 comments
Charity in Prison

By Ricky Atkinson:  In prison, money is raised from a number of methods for charities. Food drives are just one of them. Door to door (cell to cell) solicitation is another. Food drives are a win, win; hey give the prisoners something in return for kicking in their hard earned dollars. The lowest pay is 7 dollars a week and for someone to kick $5 for a drive is not uncommon. He just gave up 89% of his weekly pay to help someone he/she didn't even know. How many of you would give up your entire pay to help someone you don’t know?


How many correctional staff would do the same thing? They often contribute to charity drives within the prisons, but not many and not with most of their pay. Sometimes you might hear a prison warden say that he will get his staff to match dollar for dollar on some charity events.


With the cut backs in the ability to have charity drives... out of sight out of mind will prevail and the concept of prisoners giving back will take a back burner to the concept of taking what one wants - - an attitude that got most of the guys in prison in the first place. In order to appease some, for votes, the government is making society less safe in the long run.


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