The Riot Act

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The Riot Act

By Ricky Atkinson:  Once a Warden reads the riot act, inmates have 30 minutes to comply with the act. Those that remain can receive sentences from two years to life, even if no injuries resulted in the said riot. This act came about because inmates, mostly in maximum security prisons, stayed out in the yard burning shit, talking shit and just not acting right in the eyes of the prison staff. The first time this revised act was read, was by Millhaven warden Remi Gobeil (I may not have spelled his last name right) while I was in Millhaven.


Most of the inmates didn't know about the act then and most don't know about it now. I'm sure those charged in the Joyceville riot didn't know about it. Unless the "riot act" is read it is not a riot but a disturbance. Most newspapers, TV etc always cry "riot" even when from an inmate’s point of view it was just bad night, in a bad jail with bad people acting up. A riot can be started by one guy over an issue as nonsensical as "I didn't get spaghetti sauce on my dam spaghetti and everyone else did, so what am I a goof?" and he goes off and others follow. This actually happened in Joyceville Institution in 1992.


Most inmates just want to do their time, pay their debt to society in a peaceful, humane day in day out boring routine without any disturbances that always result in administrative reprisals, but sometimes a few bad apples on both sides of the proverbial fence can cause you the tax payer, hundreds of thousands of tax dollars when shit goes kaboom.



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