A Knife to a Gun Fight

posted by Brian Judge on Jul 29, 2013 in Prison TV Blog | 0 comments
A Knife to a Gun Fight

By Ricky Atkinson:  During the days when I “bugged” the police, I once heard two rookies talk about their police training methods. A police woman talking to a policeman said:


"I don't know why we have to use lethal force every time we fire our weapons, why can't we fire a shot to disarm someone? The male cop she was talking to said, "listen I just do what I'm told, three shots to the chest, let the guys up top figure out the rest!"


I believe that's the attitude with most police trained to fire their guns. I of course asked a few cops why this was the case and they all said what happens if we fire a disarming shot, miss and hit an innocent person? If we have to use deadly force, then the decision has been made to fire to kill so three to the chest is the easiest way to get it done!"


Since I have had the dubious experience of having been in several shoot-outs with the police and survived when others did not, I can say that shit happens really fast and at times without much thought put into how to survive once the shooting starts, how to protect your self and others is often all that runs through your head. How to do this right, without a lot of paperwork, must be on the minds of a lot of cops shooting someone.


Unless they had been ordered to assassinate a citizen due to their inability to catch them committing crimes, which is precisely what happened back in the day. The cop who brings a throw-in gun to manipulate the justice system is as much a criminal and would be murderer as the person they are killing. The cop who threw a illegal gun into my car to cover up their not by the book shooting is still on the force today and that criminal has risen to staff inspector level. Go figure; criminals in uniform, they exist. Thankfully they are a minority.


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