In a Prison filled with psychopaths

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In a Prison filled with psychopaths

By Ricky Atkinson:  In 1992, as inmate committee chairman at Joyceville Institution, I was called to the warden’s office after an inmate was stabbed 17 times by another. It was explained to me that five inmates under Governor General warrants (deemed criminally insane by the courts that convicted them) where temporarily in the prison population until the Oak Ridges treatment centre renovation was completed. Joyceville warden Jim Blackler agreed to take them.


I was standing outside the kitchen where prisoners get the food carts for each unit. One inmate bumped his food cart into another's food cart, "Hey pal you could have said sorry!" one inmate said to the other over the two cars touching. "Fuck off!" was the response.


As soon as one guy took a few steps away, the guy whose cart was bumped into said to a another prisoner, "I'm going to stab that cocksucker right after supper, I cant get anymore time!" Hearing that, I interrupted ... "Can’t get any more time, why?"


"Because I'm under a Governor General warrant!" Hearing that, I walked ahead to tell the other inmate to come to my office after supper count because he had a problem that I would like to discuss with him.


Being committee chairman, I was let out of my cell first and went to open the office and waited for general population to be released.


As a group of them came towards the gym door one stepped out and stabbed another, stabbing him repeatedly while he was down. "Don't apologize for bumping my cart your fucking goof, now you die!" He hissed through clenched teeth. The stabbed guy was rushed to the hospital where he lived; the stabber was taken off to the hole.


When I went to segregation to talk to the stabber, he was in a good mood and kept telling me he can’t get any more time even if the guy died because he is considered mentally insane. Once the general population heard that the five guys from the bug house were amongst them, many guys armed up, (got their knives out of hiding).


In a prison filled with psychopaths, anything can cause an increase in violence even the perception that there are inmates amongst them who don't have to abide by the rules written in the prison handbook, revised each month, or the inmate code written in blood over decades of hard time.


Historically, Joyceville Institution is more passive than the gladiator school like Collins Bay. I can assume from experience that someone sometime, in Collins Bay will run into an inmate who knows by law that he can inflict violence upon another without criminal liabilities. That fact alone will make Collins Bay more unstable and more violent.


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