Cop Car #5208

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Cop Car #5208

By Ricky Atkinson:  In the early 1980’s, there was a rogue group of guards in Millhaven known as the "Millhaven mafia". They used to beat, stab and shoot inmates on a regular basis. One night three of the guard mafia went into an inmate’s cell stabbed him to death and tossed the knife into another inmate’s cell.


The police were called and the unfortunate inmate was charged with a murder he didn't do. The trial judge ruled that the inmate couldn't have possibly committed the murder and must have been the guards, next day there was a full Toronto Star article on that legal decision. I spent decades with those guards and witnessed much. Things have changed somewhat, the guard mafia are beginning to be retired, some jailed for other crimes, some committed suicide, others burnt out and work elsewhere.


But the one thing I know to be a fact, hit a dog in a cage over and over again and when that cage opens you will get bit. The difference with humans is that we have bigger teeth and a deeper bite. These guards, doing a job as civil servants wont look back and think of all the mayhem they caused and how these men beaten like dogs still exist waiting for freedom, still frothing at the mouth upon seeing a police uniform ... Cause and effect.


All the guards, who obviously assaulted the inmates profiled in the above video, should be charged but, prison is what it is and bullies are created from the examples given by some staff more than the inmates surrounding them. In a perfect prison setting bullying is not tolerated by inmates or staff alike and there are prison administrators that affect the rule of law and run such prisons but I haven’t seen this kind of professional empathy in a long time.


Many inmates have done their time without ever getting beaten by staff or inmates and those must leave in better mental shape than the ones beaten cause, I still remember the little piece of shit who hit me in the head with a Billy club when entering Millhaven back in 1972. I heard he was dead and wish he wasn't so I can continue to hate him. I had him on a Contact video telling the other guards how he had to jump up to get a good blow to my head.


41 years ago I was assaulted when another method could have been used other than violence to get me to respect authority. I was taken to a school yard in Toronto by five cops in car 5208 one summer when I was sixteen and beaten up pretty good. I don't hate those cops although I had to go seek medical attention cause I started the fight by throwing a handful of quarters into the cops face during an argument with them in a Young Street restaurant. Hey I wasn't charged with assault nor did I seek to charge the cops, go figure, tough times on the streets of Toronto the good.



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