• 07/17/15 - - Millhaven Shivs & Shanks (Weapons)

    - - Millhaven Shivs & Shanks (Weapons)

    I knew it wouldn’t be easy getting a copy of the surveillance video shown at the Jordan Trudeau coroner’s inquest. However, I remain hopeful that prisontv.net will be able to get access to this important piece of videotape. Naturally, privacy concerns are paramount, but blurring faces is quite easy to accomplish in post production. I did manage to get several inquest exhibits, including these grainy photos of (weapons) “shivs and shanks” that were found during a search of the Millhaven recreation area after the violence was stopped on March 20, 2011.


    In archive video, here is Robert “Rosie” Rowbotham talking about ‘shivs, shanks and zip guns’ at Kingston Pen museum


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