• 08/20/12 - - Ricky Atkinson Reference, NATIONAL PAROLE BOARD by Imam Ibrahim Downey:

    - - Ricky Atkinson Reference, NATIONAL PAROLE BOARD by Imam Ibrahim Downey:

    Please accept this character and reference letter in support of Mr. Richard (Ricky) Atkinson as he is known to our organization, and to me, to be a person of value, passion and goodness.


    I have known Ricky for over 40 years, and in fact, we had grown up in the same environment (the streets of Toronto) and once he decided to return to Toronto I was very pleased to talk with him and have the opportunity to organize some empowerment programs for the youth as this is what he and I are best at and "leading authorities" in.


    Yes we made many mistakes and performed deeds that we had to take responsibility for, but in the end, our stories are compelling, undeniable in their truth and easy to understand for the people that need this form of guidance and counseling from us.


    So that it is clear, Ricky is one of the best people that I could point to that will enlighten a young person about the challenges that they will have to face in life should they choose to not be good citizens and people of intelligence who are honest and hard working for the good future they should have and we should all enjoy.


    Now I understand that Ricky has been incarcerated and that there is an investigation of the issues that caused his incarceration. That being what it is, it is my hope that my words would reach your hearts as Ricky's have reached many hearts of the people since his return to life outside of jail. Yes he was once a criminal who did many bad and dangerous things, but that was then and this is now. In our society the fact is that he did the crime and served his time.


    Therefore, I hope that would mean that he should be given real a chance to redeem himself and bring meaning and value back into his life and the lives of others that he can reach, teach, advise, counsel and inspire. I respectfully request this because I am and have been a Volunteer Prison Chaplain for over 25 years in the Province of Ontario.


    I have witnessed countless people who have learned how to negotiate their way to a better and more productive life; once they had set their proper foundation and started moving toward what will empower them and bring out the good that is in their hearts.


    What I mean here, is to say, that I believe strongly that Ricky too can and has made positive contributions to society, to our communities, to his family and most importantly to himself. From what I know about Ricky "the best in goodness, from him, is yet to come."

    As well, I am presently working on establishing a "social rehabilitation center" in Toronto and I had asked Ricky to consider being a part of our team of counselors who will work with youth and adults who struggling to deal with their personal or social issues and help them make better decisions that help them become better citizens and family members.


    He has agreed, and I do look forward to working with him and helping a lot of people get their lives moving in a positive direction... as I hope that Ricky's will continue to do with your help. God Willing.


    Therefore, in closing, I ask that Ricky Atkinson be given every opportunity and consideration that is available from you to strive for his greater potential and realize that which will help him achieve his worthy goals.


    If this letter has touched your hearts in anyway... know for certain that this was my intention.

    I look forward to your early reply and should you need to contact me regarding this matter, please feel free to do so through my contact information.


    Ibrahim Downey


    Chief Inspirational Officer

    SIBKIS Counseling & Consulting Services Inc.


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