• 11/12/12 - - CBC Radio's 'The Current' - Ashley Smith Case

    - - CBC Radio's 'The Current' - Ashley Smith Case

    Lee Steven Chapelle, President of Canadian Prison Consulting Inc: Make no mistake; what happened to Ashley Smith is a travesty.

    However, it is also reflective of our present government’s culture of their 'Tough on Crime' approach and how deeply it has taken hold inside a very closed system. The tapes released showing the inhumane treatment leading up to her death offer us just a glimpse into what is happening in the Canadian prison system on a daily basis.

    Yet, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews still maintains that Ashley Smith was not a victim, just as the entire federal government has maintained for more than five years until finally legally forced to release just a few brief segments of the more than 60 hours of video footage CSC has in its possession demonstrating the repeated inhumane treatment of a teenage Canadian girl whose imprisonment began based upon incidents of 'self harm'. Time for accountability and much higher standards. 



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