• 09/13/13 - - Last Convict leaves Kingston Pen Sept 27

    - - Last Convict leaves Kingston Pen Sept 27

    CKWS TV - Kingston Pen is more than just a prison for some of Canada's hardened criminals. Portions of the penitentiary have also been designated a national historic site which means some aspects have to be preserved.  Corrections Canada hasn't said what will become of K-P, but as Newswatch's Darryn Davis reports, the reasons for its closure are still drawing some tough questions.


    Kingston penitentiary has been a fixture of the city for almost two centuries. But that is all about to change when the maximum security prison by the lake closes its doors for good at the end of the month. Jason Godin represents unionized prison guard workers and says the decision is a mistake. He's concerned it will lead to more double bunking in other prisons, which could put guards and inmates at risk.


    Jason Godin/

    "The numbers are already showing right now that we have 1100 new inmates into our system over the last couple of years in addition to that the two fastest growing regions in Canada are Ontario and the prairies, so we are very worried about the future. "


    Ted Hsu says the government hasn't made the case for the decision to close KP. Ted Hsu/ M.P. Kingston & the Islands:


    "I'm willing to accept whatever actions the government takes as long as things are laid out in terms of costs and benefits and if they aren't laid out what can happen is specially with the current government is that things can be done for an ideological reason. "


    And the question still remains what will happen with the prison when it's mothballed. If all levels of government express no interest in utilizing the property it could be opened up for development.


    "And while it could be a lengthy process before the Kingston penitentiary land is open for any form of development, Kingston's mayor says he's already had people express their interest in the property."


    Mark Gerretsen/ Kingston Mayor:

    "I'm optimistic that very soon after the closing is finished then we'll start to see some ideas coming forward for the redevelopment of the site."

    The last inmate is expected to be moved out of the prison by September 27th.


    Darryn Davis CKWS Newswatch Kingston.  http://www.ckwstv.com/news/kingston/story.aspx?ID=2040858


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